Future Objectives

The Camacho Dental Association wants to keep bringing the advantages of modern medicine to isolated communities all around the world. Providing education and awareness on the importance of Dental Health, and being able to provide Dental treatment in places where there is no Dentist around.
In the coming future we intend to provide Dental treatment to this communities in the form of bringing portable installations and materials to be used in places where there is no access to electricity. This way we would be able to offer simple dental treatment, as dental fillings and extractions that would greatly improve their lives and relieve their pain produced by Dental illnesses.

In the long run, the Camacho Dental Association wants to be able to solve more challenging cases involving masticatory problems. Many members in these communities have problems in their diet due to the loss of teeth mainly due to poor hygiene. In the future we hope to provide implant and prosthetic solutions with the help of voluntary health professionals that like us would like to make the world a better place.