The Project Health

The Camacho Dental Association tries to help any community that lacks dental assistance, people from any place or background that for different reasons find it very difficult to get access to modern medicine.
The C.D.A. also feels proud to have provided some help to the Evangelic Community of the Temple of Mahanain.

This community does not live in isolation from modern life, but face many difficulties due to poverty and inequalities among ethnic groups in their country, Panama. Due to their social and economic situation they lack dental treatment, and most of the population has poor dental hygiene.

This religious and humble community is also in desperate need of health assistance. The C.D.A. has given away hundreds of T-shirts from the association to spread awareness on the importance of Dental Health; as well as providing them with tooth brushes, education on dental hygiene techniques, and diagnosis of cavities informing of the necessity of visiting a Dental professional.

The ultimate goal for the Camacho Dental Association is to bring portable materials to these communities in order to also be able to treat their dental problems.